Bananas In Pyjamas - Its Fun Time

Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1? I think I am, B2.

Take B1 and B2 on a wonderful adventure through the fun-filled world of Cuddles Avenue. Visit the beach, Rat-in-a-Hat's shop, the park and the Bananas house for hours of interactive fun and games. Bananas in Pyjamas - It's Fun Time follows B1 and B2 through a day of fun and games combining the good humour and positive social values that have made the Bananas an internationally acclaimed children's television series.

- Tickle B1 and B2 with a feather and make them giggle
- Have Amy, Lulu and Morgan sing and dance
- Make music with B1 and B2 on their xylophone
- Watch the whales and chase the cheeky hermit crab
- Play with Amy and her sea shells
- Build toys with Morgan
- Clean up the beach with B1 and B2
- Plant flowers with Lulu
- Go shopping in Rat-in-a-Hat's shop
- Make sandwiches with Rat-in-a-Hat
- Sing-along with B1, B2, the Teddies and Rat-In-A-Hat .... and much much more!
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