Morgan’s Top 11 Formal Facts Every Girl Should Know

I was invited to a formal a couple of the weeks ago and it was one of my most nerve-racking experiences! I was so nervous about my dress, my hair and whether I would know anyone because my date attended a different school. I had never been to a formal before which is why I and some of the other girls I saw and spoke to found out the hard way what’s right and what’s wrong in regards to a flawless formal! Instead of letting you go through the pain from sore feet or the orange of a bad fake tan, I’m going to share my little tips with you!
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Dressing for your Body Shape

Did you know that majority of woman today don’t have a clue about what body shape or type they are and how to dress to accentuate their best assets?
But with a few easy tips and little hints, I’m sure we can have you looking and feeling your best in no time!
There are five main types of body shape, each with different characteristics. Now ladies, to really find your type and shape you have to be truthful with yourself and put yourself in the category that best defines you.

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Kristine Matheson Tells World of Cancer ‘cure’

Kristine Matheson (Kris) was diagnosed with incurable cancer, five years ago. Kris is now living proof that she cured herself of cancer and she wants to share her cancer curing information, with you.

Kris decided to cure herself by changing to a healthier lifestyle and diet rather than choosing radiation and chemotherapy. All Kris did was become healthy and active.

“People interested in the prevention and cure of cancer really do have a right to know that there may be a natural alternative to radiation and chemical therapy with their painful side effects, poor quality of living and short life expectancy,” she says.
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Botox Headache

Datamonitor has reported that the use of Allergan’s Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) for the prophylactic treatment of chronic migraine may soon be introduced in Australia following UK approval this month. However, independent market analyst Datamonitor suggests that approval is far from guaranteed and assuming a positive outcome, reimbursement challenges will provide Allergan with an ongoing headache.
Martin Adams, healthcare analyst at Datamonitor comments that “Approval in the UK for Allergan’s Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) for the prevention of chronic migraine bodes well for the US and other EU filings but even so there remain significant hurdles for the company to overcome.” Continue reading

Maternity Funds Increase a Welcome Bonus for Rural GPs

The RACGP has reported:

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has welcomed a recent government-funded increase in maternity training for rural and remote GPs.

The funding will assist GP training in obstetric services and is offered through subsidies to GPs who qualify for the program. The funding boost is in response to the government’s Maternity Services Review report, which found there was a need to improve the choices available to pregnant women, including better access to high quality maternity services and more support for the maternity services workforce. This is particularly needed in rural and remote Australia.
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Professor John Rasko – Visiting Academician

RCPA has explained that “one of Australia’s best known Pathologists and stem cell researchers, Professor John Rasko, has been honoured by the Academy of Medicine of Singapore with the title of Visiting Academician.”

Professor John Rasko a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia (RCPA) is the foundation Director of the Department of Cell and Molecular Therapies at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Professor Rasko also leads the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy program at the University of Sydney’s Centenary Institute.
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Back-to-school Costs Soar

A study by Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has revealed the bill for parents of sending their children born in 2011, to school.

National Total Schooling Costs for a Child Born in 2011–Metropolitan compared to Regional Costs

The survey shows parents living in metropolitan areas can expect to pay up to $80,000 if they choose a government education setting for their children’s future schooling, $217,000 for systemic (eg Catholic) schooling or up to $415,000 for private schooling.

Whereas parents living in regional areas experience reduced costs of up to $68,000 if they choose a government education setting, $165,000 for systemic (eg Catholic) schooling or up to $303,000 for private schooling.
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Alison conquered cancer. Now for Africa’s highest peak.

When New South Wales policewoman Alison Fahey was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 27, it shattered her life the way she knew it. On her own admission, she’s never been the same person since. But it’s taught Alison a lesson she’d like everyone to heed: don’t think cancer can’t affect you, because it doesn’t discriminate. “Good, bad, fat or thin, you or someone you love can get cancer at any time,” she says.

It’s also taught Alison to become more focused and to set goals. That’s one of the reasons she’s set her sights on a challenge of a very different kind: inspiring young Australians to join her on a fundraising climb of
Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

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