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Win Nice'n Easy Hair Care Packs in this Survey

Keep your hair looking fabulous this year thanks to Nice'n Easy, who are giving you the chance to win one of 3 x Hair Care Packs, valued at $50 each including:

- 1 x Nice'n Easy ColourBlend
- 1 x Nice'n Easy Root Touch Up
- 1 x Nice'n Easy Colour Seal Intensive Conditioner
- 1 x Pantene Deep Fortifying Shampoo
- 1 x Pantene Deep Fortifying Conditioner
- 1 x Pantene Deep Fortifying Treatment

Note: the prize pack will be matched to your hair colour or colour of choice.

Multidimensional tones for multidimensional women
Clairol's Nice'n Easy gets a makeover and introduces six new shades

Does your hair colour evenly cover grey, but ends up giving you a one-dimensional block of unnaturallookingcolour? Presenting Clairol's Nice'n Easy ColourBlend Technology, which provides youwith a blend of three patented tones that work together to create a multi-dimensional, multi tonalcolour in one step.

Clairol scientists have developed their most advanced hair colour model yet. The ColourBlendtechnology featured in the range and across the new shades, works by forming a blend ofdifferently coloured pigments within the hair fibre itself. Blending the three tones, strikes the rightbalance between 'colour variation' and 'natural looking colour', creating dimension, highlights andshine.

A key active ingredient used in the ColourBlend formulation, known as EDDS works to ensure consistentcolour results every time. Something you may not know is that traces of metal ions are present ineveryone's hair. EDDS works to inactivate the ions in order to prevent unpredictable colour results, offtones and uneven colour from root to tip.

In addition to the multi dimensional colour benefits of the ColourBlend Technology, EDDS providesmore colour formation deep inside the hair fibre, resulting in less fading and longer lasting true tones.Clairol's Nice'n Easy maintains colour depth for up to six weeks and provides 100% grey coverage fromroot to tip.

Clairol's Nice'n Easy already boasts the most shades in the category but have still recognised the needfor a refreshment of the shade pallet to include an additional six shades to complete the range. Thepacks complete the makeover and feature a hologram feature to display the ColourBlendTechnology across the range.

The Clairol Nice'n Easy packs and six new shades will be available in-store including:

115 Natural Lightest Brown
118E Natural Medium Mahogany Brown
113A Natural Dark Burgundy Brown
103A Natural Medium Blonde
106A Natural Dark Blonde
124 Natural Blue Black

RRP $12.99.

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