Computer and Desk Stretches

Computer and Desk Stretches

Most of us know that lengthy periods of sitting at a desk or computer can cause muscle tension and pain, to fix this tension all we have to do is take a five minute break to do some stretches, most of which can be done sitting in your chair. Next time your computer takes time to load or you take a sip of your water - choose a stretch! Doing these small stretches will help in reducing body tension and pain.

Stretching: Slowly stretch till you feel a slight pull and then hold for 5-20 seconds. If you hold the stretch the feeling should disappear, if it doesn't you need to back off slightly. You will find you can go further and further as you practice these stretches and sitting at your desk will become more comfortable.

The most important thing is to relax when stretching and to concentrate only on the region you are stretching whilst remembering to breathe, slowly.

Hands: separate and straighten your fingers and bend your fingers at the knuckles to relax any tension from typing, using the mouse or writing.

Face: we hold a lot of tension in our face so raise your eyebrows and open your eyes as much as possible whilst opening your mouth and stretching your nose, chin and tongue. It might look a little weird to you colleagues but the benefits overrule any silliness!

Shoulders: all you need to do to release shoulder tension is do a shoulder shrug. Raise your shoulders to your ears until you feel the stretch in your shoulders and neck. It is a good idea to repeat this stretch two or three times.
Interlock your fingers, behind your back and then slowly turn the elbows inward whilst trying to straighten the arms, hold for up to 15 seconds.

Shoulder blades: interlock your fingers behind your head and point your elbows out to the side to remove the tension in the shoulder blades to remove upper back tension.

Neck: most of us find that our neck holds the most tension. To stretch the neck, slowly tilt the head to each side and straight up and down, holding the stretch for 10-20 seconds on each side. It is important you do not jolt or over stretch the neck.
Also, stretch your neck by turning your chin to each side and create a stretch in the neck.

Arms: Hold your left arm, above the elbow with your right arm and pull your elbow towards the right shoulder as you look over the left arm. Now swap sides.
Interlock your fingers and then straighten your arms (palms facing away), in front of your body.
Interlock your fingers, and turn the palms towards the ceiling, above your head. Try to straighten your arms and stretch from the rib cage up.
Hold your left elbow, with the right hand, behind your head, then swap sides.

Legs: Sitting on you chair, hold your leg below the knee and pull the leg towards your chest. Swap sides.
Sitting on a chair, lift your left bend leg over the right leg then rest your right arm on the left leg, whilst doing this stretch look over your left shoulder. Do both sides.


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