Divided Easy Lover

'Easy Lover' by Divided is the work of Dutch DJ/Producer Don Diablo, it covers Phil Collin's monster hit single. 'Easy Lover' has been immediately huge in the clubs and soon to be a radio hit, it's already receiving spot airplay on a few stations weeks before the official release date!!

The video clip is a parody of the world famous private adult film of hotel empire heiress Paris Hilton and is sure to raise a few eyebrows and definitely attract attention.

Check the videoclip out here:www.arsproductions.be/videozone/default.asp?divided_easylover

To listen to a snippet of the track: mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF180083-01-01-01.mp3

For bio info checkout: www.dividedonline.com

1. Radio Edit
2. Original Edit
3. Extended Mix
4. Instrumental Mix
5. Video

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