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Magnificent 7 Kit
Price: $39.95

This magnificent kit contains a powerful 10cm (4in) vibrator plus seven coloured jelly sleeves - each with different shapes and textures for a variety of erotic sensations! That's one for every day of the week! And just in case you still want more stimulation - there's also a vibrating egg and adjustable cock ring to boot. This kit has everything a couple could want for seven days and more of outrageous sex!


Private Smooth Jelly Green
Price: Was $31.50 → Now $23.50

An "all you can orgasm" special. This 16cm (6.5in), velvet-smooth, jelly vibrator will keep you up all night.
Was $31.50, now only $23.50. That's 25% off!


Pearl Shine Vibe - Purple
Price: $34.95

Ohhhh... what a colour! What a texture! What an experience! Gorgeously straight-as-an-arrow, this 20cm (8in) pole of pulsating purple pleasure has silky-smooth Pearl ShineTM skin. The 4cm wide, textured and veined shaft, and multi-speed vibrator control deliver maximum stimulation to your deepest reaches. It's waterproof, too..making it the ideal bath time toy!


Bolt Liquid Speed - 10 ml
Price: $9.95

Bolt's Liquid Speed is made from a unique formula of herbs to make you feel better than you thought possible. You'll feel a powerful, drug-free high and experience more energy, confidence and endurance so you can "party" the whole night long. Just like the real deal but 100% natural, 100% legal and 100% good for you! Flavoured with lime peel, spices and natural fruit syrup, Liquid Speed (10ml = one dose) can be taken on its own or mixed in a drink, and contains not more than 120mg of caffeine. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!


Venus Penis
Price: Was $49.95 → Now $29.95

Enjoy the most intimate butterfly kiss of all. Impale yourself on this vibrating butterfly's soft, textured 6.5cm (2.5in) penis and you'll experience mind-blowing pleasure. As its shaft arouses the pussy, the butterfly's nose and tail excite the clitoris and anal zone for a complete erotic experience.
Super Special! Was $49.95 Now $29.95



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