Nutrimetics Aqua Pour Homme Body Wash

For an exhilarating, masculine clean

Face the world head on, embrace the forces of nature and feel a rush of power. Free yourself and experience exhilaration with Nutrimetics Aqua Pour Homme Body Wash.

This masculine shower gel forms a rich lather when in contract with water, gently cleansing the skin while the exhilarating scent of Aqua Pour Homme washes over the body. Perfect to refresh the body after a long day or a good night's sleep.

Nutrimetics Aqua Pour Homme Body Wash - go where the water takes you.

Nutrimetics Aqua Pour Homme Body Wash is a fragrance journey that offers a surge of fresh aquatic notes contrasted with warm spicy undertones - a fresh, sexy masculine scent.

RRP: $24.00
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