Six finalists revealed in Dove search for real, natural beauty

In celebration of its new face care range, Dove has announced six finalists in the Dove Face Care ‘Face in the Crowd’ search for real, natural beauty. The nation is invited to vote for who they believe has that intangible something that makes their favourite finalist stand out from the crowd. The finalist who receives the most votes will win $50,000.

Representing a true cross section of Australian women, the six finalists came from Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Tasmania to a professional photoshoot with renowned celebrity photographer, Grahame Shearer.

Each finalist was hand picked by a panel of experienced judges from a cast of almost 5,000 women because they showed a strong sense of individuality and an air of confidence with that intangible something that made them stand out from the crowd.

The celebrity judging panel included TV mum and women’s role model Symantha Perkins, Marie Claire’s Jackie Frank, Cosmopolitan’s Mia Freedman, photographer Grahame Shearer and Michelle Hine from Unilever Australasia.

Symantha Perkins said: “The judging process was a fantastic experience that really brought home the message that every woman has that something special about her that makes her beautiful. Whether it is her smile, her eyes, her expression or something you couldn’t quite put your finger on, everyone had something unique to offer. It was really refreshing to find six women who represent such a diverse range of ages and appearances and all with that special something that really made them stand out from the crowd.

With nearly 50 years of heritage in skin care, Dove has been making beauty accessible to all women of all generations. Its philosophy encourages all women to feel good about themselves and is at the root of this unique search. Michelle Hine, Skin Care Marketing Manager, Unilever Australia, explains:
"This search was always about more than finding a standard image of beauty. We set out to find real Australian women to celebrate the natural qualities that made them uniquely beautiful. These six women are beautiful for so many reasons, but especially because of their happiness and confidence in themselves, which allows their true personalities to really shine through."

The public are asked to cast their vote for their favourite finalist for the chance to win one of 100 12 month magazine subscriptions. Voting is available via the website, by SMS to 1977 3683 or by phoning 1900 953 683.

The Dove Face Care ‘Face in the Crowd’ finalists

Paula, 21, has an exotic background of Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese, but currently resides in Brisbane with her husband and young son. She is a first time mum who says that she feels most beautiful when she is just holding her baby in her arms.

Alana, 25, is from Sydney and works as a Beauty Therapist. She believes beauty comes from being active, healthy and happy, and letting your true personality shine through – qualities she sees and admires in her mother.

Joelle, 19, is from Newcastle and studies Radiation Therapy at Newcastle University. She believes that you have to see the beauty in yourself before others will truly see it, and her dream is to give help to people with inadequate healthcare, especially those suffering from cancer.

Anneke, 28, freelances in graphic design and lives in Melbourne. She believes that a naturally beautiful person is someone with an ever-ready smile, who is full of expression, open and giving, who shines and lets everyone else shine too.

Bianca, 25, is a Law graduate with a strong interest in Human Rights, and currently works as a make-up artist. She is based in Melbourne where she is involved in a number of amateur theatre productions, and she believes that inner beauty reflects what’s on the inside, so you should always make that your priority.

Tara, 22, studies Sociology and Philosophy in her home town of Hobart. She is getting into DJing and loves to relax with meditation. She believes that a great smile is everyone’s best feature and defines beauty in three words: Passion, Love and Freedom.

The Dove Face Care range
The Dove Face Care ‘Face in the Crowd’ competition celebrates the launch of Dove’s new face care range - Essential Nutrients.

The new Dove Face Care range consists of six cleansers, a toner and five moisturisers and is ideal for a variety of skin types available now in supermarkets and pharmacies.

The nation’s favourite woman, the Dove Face Care ‘Face In The Crowd’ will be announced on 4th January, 2005 and will be featured in a nationwide advertising campaign. Dove is confident that the response will prove that Australia identifies with real women and real, natural beauty.


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