Anna's Low Carb Kitchen

Anna's Low Carb Kitchen

You don't need sugar to make life a whole lot sweeter with Anna's Low Carb Kitchen range of sugar-free, healthy baking mixes. Made from low carb, natural Australian ingredients, Anna's Low Carb product range proves you don't need to cut treats out of your life, just choose the healthier option. Anna's Low Carb Kitchen has launched an extensive range of healthy baking mixes including: Low Carb Sunflower & Linseed Bread, Low Carb Pancakes, Low Carb Cookie Bases, Low Carb Cupcakes and even a Sugar Free Icing Mix.


Review: Anna's Low Carb Kitchen Low Carb Cookie Base is the perfect addition to any Australian pantry; not only are the cookies easy to make they are incredibly delicious! I followed the Choc-Chip Cookie packet mix and added walnuts and they were super tasty - I love how the base means you can add your own additions. I definitely didn't realise they were 'low carb' especially as the pre-cooked base tastes exactly like cookie dough. I even used the whole packet and froze half of the dough to use, later in the week. I can't wait to try the Cupcake mix, next.

- Sinead Ritchie


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