Bambi 2, The Great Prince of the Forest

Starring: Patrick Stewart .... The Great Prince/Stag, Alexander Gould .... Bambi, Brendon Baerg .... Thumper
Director: Brian Pimental
Producer: Jim Ballantine .... producer
Genre: Animation
Rated: G
Running Time: 69 mins

A Son's Courage A Father's Love

One of the silver screen's most cherished characters makes his triumphant return in Disney's spectacular all-new movie, Bambi II.

The eagerly awaited next chapter of Bambi's unforgettable story continues for a whole new generation in a film that's sure to delight your entire family. Join Bambi as he reunites with his father, The Great Prince, who must now raise the young fawn and teach him the ways of the forest. But, in the adventure of a lifetime, the proud parent discovers that there is much that he can learn from his spirited young son. Thumper, Flower, Owl and your favourite characters return and you'll meet some wonderful new friends as Bambi's magnificent legacy continues. Illustrated in the breathtaking animation style of the original classic and bursting with enchanting new songs, Bambi II is truly a wonder to behold.

Fall in love with one of Disney's most loved and favourite characters all over again, when Bambi returns in the never-before-seen, brand new movie, BAMBI 2.

Following from the classic film Bambi, which captured hearts all over the world, BAMBI 2 promises to entertain a whole new generation of viewers and strike a chord with those who grew up with Bambi in their childhood.

Joined by his delightful and unforgettable friends, Thumper, Flower and Owl, BAMBI 2 tells the story of the evolving and sometimes challenging relationship between Bambi and his father, the Great Prince of the Forest, after Bambi tragically loses his mother.

Bambi desperately wants to please his indifferent father; he knows he has an important role to play as he follows in his father's footsteps and fulfils his role as the Young Prince of the Forest. As a young and often awkward deer he struggles with the trials and tribulations of growing up all while trying to be more like his father. After meeting and growing romantically close with a female deer named Faline, Bambi must not only learn to face his father, but also the mockery from his archenemy Ronno.

With the help of his funny and mischievous friends, Thumper and Flower, Bambi attempts to earn the respect and attention that his father receives. Each of the rascals offers thoughtful advice in the hope that Bambi will soon become a strong, unparalleled ruler of the forest. Bambi in his adventures learns life-long lessons and develops a loving relationship with his father.

With never-before-scene bonus features, including Games and Activities, Bambi's Trivia and Backstage Disney, BAMBI 2 will appeal to the young and old alike and is a must-see DVD for all those who fell in love with the original Bambi.

Featuring a memorable soundtrack with new and classic music, including the hit song 'The Healing of a Heart by Australia's very own Anthony Callea, BAMBI 2 is a must-have DVD for children, mums, dads - the whole family.

Special Features:

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