Barbie And The Three Musketeers

Barbie™ stars in an all-new animated feature inspired by a classic tale of friendship, girl-power, and following your dreams

Intrigue, adventure and loads of wholesome entertainment abound as Barbie™ takes on anexciting new challenge in Barbie™ and The Three Musketeers, an all-new animated featureavailable to own on DVD from September 2nd. Starring the world's most popular fashion dollas a courageous heroine, this classic tale reinterpreted with a Barbie™ twist, is packed withhumour, superb animation and enchanting original music.

Barbie™ and The Three Musketeers follows Corinne™ (Barbie™) who dreams of going to Paris to become a Musketeer, one of the protectors of the Royal Family. Once at the palace, Corinne™ works under the tutelage of three beautiful maids: Viveca™, Renee™, and Aramina™. While at the palace, she notices strange things and worries the Prince and his family may be in danger. With ninja-quick reflexes Corinne™ and her friends foil the plot ofthe evil villains and save the Prince.

Corrine™ exemplifies girl power as she courageously stands beside her trusty companionsthrough good times and bad, learning valuable lessons about loyalty and teamwork.

Full of adventure, friendship and humor, Barbie™ and The Three Musketeers gives girls a storythat combines "classic princess with modern girl power." Featuring engaging bonus material,Barbie™ and The Three Musketeers is a must-own addition to every girl's Barbie™collection-or an irresistible reason to start one now!

o "All For One" music video
o "Unbelievable" music video
o Bloopers
o Includes free Barbie! Friendship Card

Barbie™ And The Three Musketeers
Classification: G
Genre: Children
RRP: $29.95

The Barbie™ and The Three Musketeers range of toys and licensed products are alsoavailable from September in all major retailers and independent toy stores.

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