Beautiful Best Friends

<b><font size=5 color=#E00691> Having a beautiful Best Friend</font></b><br><br>Have you got a beautiful best friend? Someone who when you go out, always seems to get all of the attention? When you're out on the town, all of the guys that you like seem to like her and not you? Well how can they help it, I mean she is drop dead stunning! AND worse, she is intelligent and funny! It just doesn't seem fair does it? This is the curse of the beautiful best friend and most of us have one somewhere along the way. But is it really a curse or just our own insecurities?<br><br>The thing is, it is most likely that you are attractive too but your friend - well - she just has that something extra in the looks department. You really do love her because she is funny, caring and smart. But at the same time, when she walks into your home dressed up ready to go out on the prowl, looking like a supermodel, there is a secret part of you that cries, Bitch! Why can't she just look ugly for once? This is human nature. To want something that someone has, that you do not have is completely natural (within reason of course!)<br><br>Of course most of us curse ourselves straight afterwards for thinking such nasty thoughts. You cannot forget this is the same friend who brought you flowers and your favourite things while you were sick. The very friend who came over at 3am in the morning just to sit with you while you cried over a recent break-up. The same friend who you sat with for hours laughing about nonsense until you were both utterly exhausted.<br><br>There is no denying it. It can be tough having a beautiful best friend, but your beautiful best friend may have some hang-ups and issues of her own.<br><br>Though it may seem to most of us that being born gorgeous is a wonderful gift to have been given, being beautiful is not all what it seems or is made out to be. The way beauty is portrayed can leave us all believing that being drop-dead gorgeous will contribute to us having more fun, will make life much easier and will grant us any thing or any one, we may desire. This is not necessarily so as we discovered in our recent survey of beauties.<br><br>Quite interestingly most beautiful women tend to take longer to settle down in to permanent relationships for the fear of being a handbag. Many seem to


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