The Natural Way To Better Breastfeeding

By Francesca Naish & Janette Roberts

Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts have helped thousands of couples to have happy, healthy babies with their guides to better conception, better pregnancy and better birth and bonding. This new book lets readers know how to successfully breastfeed using their tried-and-true natural methods. It covers the essentials including:

  • How to tune into your maternal instinct
  • Why 'breast is best' for baby and you
  • Making sure you have plenty of milk
  • Lifestyle, exercise and nutrition tips to improve your milk
  • To wean or not to wean?
  • Sexuality and contraception during breastfeeding
  • Common problems for breastfeeding mothers and newborns
  • Safety of medical drugs, herbal remedies, diseases and infections during breastfeeding.

    "Following your maternal instinct is important so this book discusses ways to improve that instinctive response. When you follow those instincts, life becomes much easier for the whole family. When you respond instinctively, mothering becomes the simple, natural, joyful, activity it was meant to be and you develop a stronger bond with your baby that translates into a more fulfilling relationship as your baby grows...." (excerpt from "The Natural Way To Better Breastfeeding")


    Conception, pregnancy, birth, bonding and breastfeeding are all natural events, but in today's society these normal aspects of a woman's reproductive life are often considered medical conditions that require intervention, management and treatment.

    In response to the growing recognition that a natural approach is a better alternative, Francesca and Janette created the Natural Way series to empower expectant and new mothers with a sense of ownership and knowledge about their body and that of their newborn.

    Time and time again, they have proven that when these transformative events unfold in a natural, healthy way, the positive effects for mother and baby resonate for life.


    Francesa and Jan are internationally recognised as experts in the field of natural and alternative health. They are both sought after as public speakers, appear regularly on radio and television and contribute to various magazines and journals.

    Naturopath, herbalist, hypnotherapist and bestselling author of 'Natural Fertility', Francesca Naish runs The Jocelyn Centre, Australia's only clinic dedicated to helping people conceive naturally. Through her company 'Natural Fertility Management', Francesca trains health professionals in her methods in Australia and overseas.

    Jan Roberts practised as a community pharmacist for almost 20 years, has a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition and since 1987 has been the Australian representative for Foresight, the British association famous for its work in promoting preconception health care. For the last fifteen years she has presented lectures and workshops on this topic to prospective parents and health professionals here and overseas.

    In 1998 she established one of the first Wellness Centres in Australia, offering programs for anti-ageing, vitality and longevity. She is now the Director of 'Integrative Medicine' at Spa Chakra and has developed the Chakra Health and Chakra Baby programs for individual clients and the Platinum Health Corporate Programs that are offered at the Spa's locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Hayman Island.



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