Limited only by imagination! The award winning*, Swiss designed Bilibo encourages children to use their imaginations. The possibilities are endless; rock in it, spin in it, sit in it, hide under it. Turn it over and it becomes a turtle shell. Kids can use the Bilibo as a bucket or a seat. They can lift their hands and feet in the air and see how long they can balance. The Bilibo is so simple it gets little minds ticking immediately.

The Bilibo is not only great at home, but it’s also great at the park, at the beach and in water. Take it to the snow and it becomes a toboggan. You won’t hear the dreaded "I’m bored" with a Bilibo around!

The Bilibo was developed by Swiss designer, Alex Hochstrasser, in collaboration with childhood development experts from the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich. The shell shape and bright colours invite a wide range of interpretations and encourage children to invent their own games, providing hours of open-ended play, which is vital for a child’s social development and imagination.

With no sounds, no lights and no batteries, the Bilibo is sure to be a hit with parents too!

The Bilibo is made from high-density polyethylene which is non-toxic, shock and fade resistant and is 100% recyclable. It comes in green, blue, red, yellow, orange and pink. It’s available from for $39.

Also available from is the Mini Bilibo. Completely versatile like his big brother, the Mini Bilibo can be a spinning top, boat, treasure chest - anything and everything! This little cutie costs $12.95.

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Review: Bilbo is lots of fun, unleashing your child's creativity. Just watch they come up with and be amazed. You won't believe how many uses a Bilbo has...


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