Black Saturday

Black Saturday

All proceeds from the sale of each book go to The Salvation Army Victoria Bushfire Appeal.

Stories of love, loss and courage from the Victoria Bushfires.

'They warn you it comes fast. But the word 'fast' doesn't come anywhere near describing it. It comes at you like a runaway train. One minute you are preparing. The next you are fighting for your home. Then you are fighting for your life. But it is not minutes that come between. It's more like seconds. The firestorm moves faster than you can think, let alone reactÂ… For 25 years, fires were something that you watched in the distance. Until Saturday'- Gary Hughes, reporter for The Australian and St Andrews bushfire survivor.

At 11.48 am on February 7, 2009, seconds after a phone call was made to the emergency triple-0 number, the Kilmore Country Fire Authority station received the first offical notification of the fire storm that would become Victoria's Black Saturday. These fires would go on to become Australia's worse ever national disaster, a tragedy that resulted in the loss of at least 210 people and 1800 homes, and touched the lives of all Australians.

On that day Mother Nature's worst brought out the best in human nature. Black Saturday: Stories of Love, Loss and Courage from the Victorian Bushfires is a collection of individual stories, featuring deeply personal contributions from those directly affected by the bushfires, their friends and relatives.

Arranged town-by-town, with introductions detailing the scope and impact of the fires on each community, the book features outstanding writing by News Limited journalists and heartbreaking images from their photographers. A roll of honour listing those lost in the fires is also included.

The aftermath of Black Saturday saw a new-found resilience in the victims and in Australians as a whole. Those most affected by the fires have found hope amongst the ash- for a brighter, safer tomorrow. As well as honouring those who lost their lives, Black Saturday: Stories of Love, Loss and Courage from the Victorian Bushfires is a show of solidarity to those who must pick up the pieces and carry on in the aftermath of this disaster.

Black Saturday
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Edited by: John McGourty
ISBN: 9780732290108
Price: $24.99

Black Saturday is Australia's worst national disaster with 210 dead and others perhaps still missing. Over 1800 homes were destroyed along with hopes and dreams of a peaceful community living in the leafy hills on Melbourne's fringes.

BLACK SATURDAY is a tale of everyday people who, when fate demanded, became heroes. In Kinglake, Peter Thorneycroft stood defiantly in shorts and thongs hosing down the roof of the local pub where 20 women and children sheltered inside. In Marysville, five policemen saved the lives of countless residents as they ignored burning embers raining from the sky and ushered them to the safety of the local cricket oval. The fires also brought a new-found resilience. Those most affected by the fires have found hope amongst the ash - for a brighter, safer tomorrow.

This book is the personal story of Black Saturday told by those that survived the flames and those who came to their help. It also contains accounts from journalists who covered the fires as well as first-hand tales from those who helped co-ordinate the emergency response.

Further news on the Victorian Bushfires:
At the time of printing Black Saturday, it was understood that 210 people had perished in the Victorian bushfires in February 2009. This number has been revised to 173 as at Monday, 6 April 2009.

All proceeds from the sale of this book (apart from the GST component) are being donated to The Salvation Army Victorian Bushfire Appeal. By purchasing this book you are assisting The Salvation Army to continue to extend care to those devastated by these fires.




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