Blood's a Rover

Blood's a Rover

It's 1968. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King are dead. The Mob, Howard Hughes and J Edgar Hoover are in a struggle for America's soul, drawing into their murderous conspiracies the dammed and the soon-to-be-dammed.

Wayne Tedrow Jr.: parricide, assassin, dope cooker, mouthpiece for all sides, loyal to none. His journey will take him away from the darkness and into an even greater darkness.

Dwight Holly: Hoover's enforcer and hellish conspirator in terrible crimes. As Hoover's power wanes his destiny lurches towards Richard Nixon and self-annihilation.

Don Crutchfield: is a kid, a nobody, a wheelman and a private detective who stumbles upon an ungodly conspiracy from which he and the country may never recover.

All three men are drawn to women on the opposite side of the political and moral spectrum; all are compromised and ripe for destruction. Only one of them will survive.

The final part of James Ellroy's Underworld USA trilogy is set during the social and political upheaval of 1968-1972. Blood's a Rover is an incandescent fusion of fact and fiction and is James Ellroy's greatest masterpiece.

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles in 1948. He is the author of the acclaimed La Quartet, The Black Dahlia, The Big No-Where, La Confidential and White Jazz, as well as the first two parts of his Underworld USA trilogy, American tabloid and The Cold Six Thousands which were both Sunday Times best-sellers.

Blood's a Rover
Random House Australia
Author: James Ellroy
Price: $32.95




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