Bob Reynolds - Sightseeing

It's not often an album goes sightseeing and exports itself, but that's exactly what has happened with the new album from one of UK's finest musicians Rob Reynolds.

Embracing the world of new marketing and a progressive theory on copyright a sampler from Rob's album was set loose on the world in late 2004. Whether it was a bus seat, a telephone booth or just on the pavement, people around the world began picking up what looked like lost property, before realising that Rob's CD had begun its journey around the world.

Each individually numbered CD is available to be tracked on Rob's website so that those lucky enough to find the CD can take it, burn it, listen to it, then register on the website to show where the Sightseeing tour has taken the disc. The disc is then taken and left somewhere else to be discovered by another lucky punter.

The disc made its way to Australia in early 2005, where it has been acclaimed by many, with feedback from the grassroots prompting independent label Invisible Hands Music to release the CD locally due to popular demand on August 15, through MGM.

Gritty emotion and solid soul, Rob's fusion of rock, pop, funk and jazz has shared the stage with the likes of Errol Brown, Midge Ure, Procul Harem and the synonymous John Martyn. The voice is more than enough to fill this record, but the explosive band make their presence felt - including Massive Attack percussionist Carlos Hercules, Archive bassist Carl Holt and Manic Street Preachers / PIL keyboard player Richard Cottle.

The album has had creative input from the likes of Greg Bone (Seal), Robin Black (Pink Floyd, the Who), Reg Webb (Lenny Kravitz), Darren Mooney (Primal Scream) and Jon Noyce (Jethro Tull), creating a record that is untouched by major labels accountants and crafted with heart.

Sweet Mother
Heaven Knows
Sherry Man
Change my World
Loving Arms
Bring me Water
Dream Song
Upon the River
Don't you ever Dream

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