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Australian Made Australian Grown

Coles extends "Australian-grown" message to give customers more purchase information

Coles Supermarkets has announced a plan to use the classic 'Australian made, Australian grown' green and gold triangle/kangaroo icon in its weekly catalogues, to offer more information to customers about the origin of fresh food.

The new icons will indicate to customers where their meat, fruit and vegetables have originated so they can support local farmers, producers and growers.

Coles' General Manager Fresh Produce, Peter Pokorny, said, "We know that buying Australian grown fresh food is important to our customers and are committed to sourcing quality local produce, meat, deli and dairy, where possible. "Over the course of the year 97 per cent of the fresh produce sold in our supermarkets is home grown. "By introducing the Australian made, Australian grown icons in our weekly catalogues, we can provide even more information to our customers about the origin of Australian fresh produce," said Mr Pokorny.

The icons will allow customers to identify the origin of fresh produce by state within Australia, such as Queensland Mangoes, or more regionally specific, Gippsland Asparagus. Coles chose to display this information by adapting the classic green triangle and gold kangaroo icon, which, according to Roy Morgan research; is recognised by 98 per cent of Australians. Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, congratulated Coles on the move. "Coles has used the green and gold kangaroo icon on its Australian home branded products for many years. Now, the inclusion of regional information in its catalogues is a fantastic extension of Coles' commitment to identifying great Australian produce."

The new icons will appear in Coles' catalogues from Thursday 18 December and will be rolled out in the new year. In Western Australia, the 'Buy West, Eat Best' logo will continue to be used in accordance with a local government initiative.


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