Carus & The True Believers album "Three Boxes"

Thanks to Music Biz here is your chance to win a copy of Carus and the True Belivers new album 'Three Boxes', the perfect father's day gift.

With over three years since his last album, Carus and the True Believers are back to entertain audiences with a new album "Three Boxes" and a national tour. Hailing from Fremantle it is easy to mistake Carus as "just another roots act" in the style of The Waifs and The John Butler Trio. He hit the folk-rock highway ten years ago, he plays over two hundred shows every year and he has sold tens of thousands of CDs. He plays the major festivals and has a passionate fan base that any D.I.Y folky would be proud of.

Yet, in many ways Carus owes more to the OZ pub rock tradition than his rootsy contemporaries. His show is essentially a rock and roll show. While he is a story telling troubadour in the Paul Kelly style, he "goes off" in the adrenaline fuelled manner of The Beasts, The Gurus and The Oils. A lyrical observer of society he may be- but a shoe gazer he ain't. On this, his latest album "Three Boxes", Carus has partnered with Greg Arnold (Things of Stone & Wood) and spent time between Australia and Nashville to produce a body of work that has him really finding his voice.
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