Naked Rugby League Calendar

Thanks to Bubble Champagne Cocktail Lounge and the lauch of Naked Rugby League calendar, here is your chance to win a 2007 calendar.

All proceeds from the calendar go to breast cancer research.

The number of people living in Australia that have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 20 years is 113,801 women and 730 men. While the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise, more Australian women are surviving the disease than ever before. However it is estimated that 13,261 women and about 100 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia this year.

The risk of a diagnosis by age 85 years has increased to one in eight for women, up from one in 12 in 1983, while the risk for a male is one in 763. However, the good news is a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer before the age of 75 years has been declining, from a one in 43 risk in 1983 to a one in 56 risk in 2004. To find out more about breast cancer and the risks visit:

RRP: $29.95
The Naked Rugby League Calendar is available from newsagencies, K Mart and Big W.

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