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Fake Tan Tips from BonzaBronz - the best fake tan down under

The search for the perfect summer tan is high on the lists of many a fashionista as summer draws near. But if there is one thing you can count on, it is that sun savvy women won't be baking on the beaches or hitting up the sun bed in their quest for the perfect glow. A flawless fake tan is the best way to safely shimmer this summer!

The tan experts at BonzaBronz - the best fake tan down under, give us some tricks and ticks to ensuring your summer fake tan is streak free and fabulous! PLUS we have 4 tanning prize packs to be one so you too can create the perfect summer tan at home!

THE PRE TAN PLAN: suitable for both salon spray tans or at home fake tans

The perfect tan requires pre-planning and a little extra attention to the body's key no-tan zones. To ensure a streak free tan, exfoliate and shave two days prior to your tan. A smooth body free of oils, dirt and dry skin is the best way to guarantee a flawless result.

Try BonzaBronzBronzPolish, the perfect prep product for a spray tan or fabulous home fakie. And don't forget: concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles as these are the most problematic areas that like to drink up fake tan.


DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS: The trick to even coverage is to map out your body and apply product in stages. Start with your legs and work your way up to your face applying the tanning lotion in a circular motion. Apply lightly to hands, feet and face.

MITT UP: Using a mitt not only protects your hands from staining but also ensures an even tanning application. Not a fan of the mitt?The wash your palms immediately after applying the tanning lotion to avoid unsightly stains.

DON'T GET SLAP HAPPY: To avoid looking like an umpa-lumpa don't get too excited with the tan reapplication. Apply 1 layer and let it process fully so you can see the results. Apply a second coat for a deeper tan once the tan has developed. A perfect fake tan requires patience; slow and steady wins the race ladies!

WATCH THE CLOCK: Whether you are applying an instant or a gradual tan you will produce the most optimal results if you avoid showering for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) after tanning.

A+ AFTERCARE: Use as body wash designed specifically to extend the life of your tan! We recommend BonzaBronz Save Body Wash, used daily to prolong the life of your tan and help the tan to fade evenly just like it would naturally.

TOP UP TIME: Don't be tempted to over apply self-tan; excessive product build-up will change the tan colour - for the worse!

SPECIAL TIP: BonzaBronzXtend which up for grabs in our prize pack is a gradual tanning cream that is applied just like mositiurizer, so there is almost no dry time, you can apply and leave it 1 minute and get dressed! The tan will then develop over the next hour or so. Once you see the results you can top up if needed.

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