Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates

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Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates

The idea for Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates came about as a result of Elly using chocolate as a metaphor to describe men, dates and relationships. A trained advertising copywriter with experience working in some of Australia's best agencies, she always wanted to write something entertaining and of value that people would enjoy (a book) rather than, in many cases, have to endure (an ad). 'Copywriting is a great foundation for writing gift books', says Elly, now a full-time author. 'Both communication styles require you to be quick, effective and charming, and it was nice to be able to channel my copywriting expertise into something I'm passionate about, such as love and relationships.'

Published by The Messenger Group, a renowned non-traditional publisher that allows authors to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to their book projects, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates is arguably one of the funniest, freshest and most unique takes on men and relationships since Sex and the City.

Made up of an introduction plus 34 chocolate-related male characters, almost every kind of man, or romantic relationship a woman can have with a man, is covered - from the drunken larrikin Rum Ball man to the holiday fling Easter Egg man - providing some welcome comic relief from the often draining task of searching for 'Mr Right'.

Written from a place of authenticity, it is insightful, relatable and laugh-out-loud funny. There's even some sound advice weaved through it. 'Let's just say I've learnt from my mistakes', says Elly.

Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates
The Messenger Group
Author: Elly Klein
Price: $19.95

Interview with Elly Klein for 'Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates'


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