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Pilot Pen's Handbag Survey

Thanks to Pilot Pen Australia here is your chance to win a pack containing The Josie by Freedom Filosofie and a MR3 Fountain Pen by Pilot Pen valued at $450; just answer this survey.


Do you struggle with finding things in your handbag? Are you rummaging around for what feels like hours for that pen so you can take notes?


Well, consider those problems a thing of the past.


Leading pen supplier Pilot Pen Australia and luxury fashion brand Freedom Filosofie have partnered to give away -The Josie' - an Ipad Clutch with a built-in handbag organiser – and a Pilot MR3 Wave design fountain pen (total value of prize is $450) to one lucky winner for answering a short survey.


'Being organised has never been so fashionable," said Ms Barbara Oliver, marketing manager at Pilot Pen Australia.


In the last few years, the art of handwriting has made a fashionable comeback – big time. The hashtags #handwriting, #lettering and #calligraphy have almost 15 million posts on Instagram.


'More and more Australians are falling back in love with handwriting, and a stylish pen has become a must-have accessory," said Ms Oliver.


'The Pilot MR range of executive fountain pens have a contemporary design flair, and are a delight to write with."


Melbourne-based creative Bella Corke, who is the designer behind the new handbag brand Freedom Filosofie, developed her luxury handbags with built-in organisers so women would not only look chic, but be as prepared and organised as possible.


'We've all heard of the term functional fashion. However, I found that the fashion part often got missed! I designed my range of handbags so women could look fashionable, but be super organised and find everything they needed in their handbags in a tick," she explains.


The Freedom Filosofie bags have multiple compartments, so you can safely store and easily find things in your handbag with dedicated pockets for your laptop or tablet, pens, phone chargers, keys, sunglasses and passports.


'I have tried to think of every possible element to make the everyday work bag functional, comfortable, attractive and orderly," she explains.


For more information about Pilot Pen Australia, head to

For more information about Freedom Filosofie, head to


The Josie by Freedom Filosofie
The Josie clutch fits an ipad, and can be carried five ways and comes with two detachable straps. It is made from full-grain Saffiano cow leather with triple plated zinc alloy hardware. With dedicated pockets for glasses, sunglasses, phone, charger/cords, makeup, pens, credit cards/business cards, coin purse and key fob, Josie is the perfect bag for work and play.


MR3 Fountain Pen by Pilot Pen

A classic, executive fountain pen with a contemporary design flair, the Pilot MR range is ideal for everyday use. This stylish fountain pen is engravable and refillable with ink or a disposable cartridge. 


* Q1: How much time approximately do you spend per day (in average) trying to find something in your handbag?

None – I know where everything is
1 minute
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
20 minutes or more

* Q2: How much on average would you spend on a new handbag?

Under $100
$100 - $300
$300 - $500
$500 - $1,000

* Q3: If your partner would ask how much you’d spent on your handbag, would you tell them the truth?

Yes, always
Yes, only if it was a cheap handbag
No, never

* Q4: How would you describe the inside of your handbag?

A bit cluttered, but I know where to find everything

* Q5: How often do you change handbags?

I carry the same handbag most of the time
I switch handbags several times a week to co-ordinate with my attire
I have a handbag for weekdays and another for weekends
I switch handbags around once a month

* Q6: What is ALWAYS in your handbag? (tick those that apply)

A pen
Phone charger
Ear phones

* Q7: Do you think a stylish pen is a fashion statement?


* Q8: Do you manicure and paint your own nails regularly?


* Q9: How frequently would you have a professional manicure?

At least once a month
Every 2-3 months

* Q10: Do you bite your nails?


* Q11: Do you have a favourite pen that you always carry in your handbag?

I don’t carry a pen in my handbag

* Q12: What is your preferred nail polish treatment?

Traditional paint
I don't bother

* Q13: What is your favourite nail polish colour for your fingernails?

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