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Cast: Rebecca Gibney, Geraldine Hakewill, Charles Cottier, Anthony Phelan, Nicholas Bell, Stephen Peacocke
Directors: Peter Templeman, Jennifer Leacey, Robert Sarkies, Peter Salmon
Genre: Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 282 minutes

The drama Wanted returns for a thrilling second season after last season's show-stopping cliffhanger. After narrowly saving Lola's son from the jaws of death, two heroines must journey the length of New Zealand to bring the fight to their pursuers. Starring much loved Rebecca Gibney (Winter, Packed to the Rafters) and Geraldine Hakewill (Soul Mates, Australia: The Story of Us), this story of two strangers thrust together in a chase against authorities is one you won't want to miss in Wanted: Season 2, available on Digital now and DVD from August 16, 2017.

It's a matter of hours since we left Lola (Gibney) reeling from the news that the evil Morrison has her son David (Charles Cottier, Please Like Me, Home and Away) hostage. Season Two picks up as Lola and Chelsea (Hakewill) negotiate a perilous passage to Bangkok and desperately pulls together a plan to get her son back when they arrive. After a nearly disastrous rescue mission, they manage to hide David (Cottier) and in the process, unearth a crucial hint at how and why this whole thing started.

Determined to take down the people responsible for their pain, Chelsea and Lola resolve to take the fight to the source.

This season sees Chelsea and Lola turn from the hunted into the huntress as they unravel a sophisticated and sinister conspiracy. Higher stakes, more chilling villains, breathtaking locations and the discovery of another layer of secrets truly raises the bar in Wanted: Season 2, available on Digital now and DVD from August 16, 2017.

Special Features:
Behind the Scenes
Lola and Chelsea
On the Run
The Men of Wanted

Wanted Season 2 DVD
RRP: $35


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