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Belinda Reynolds How To Manage UTI’s Naturally Interview

About 25% of women experience recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), with almost 95% being caused by Escherichia coli. UltraBiotic Urinary Care is an evidence-based formula to help combat pathogenic bacteria and promote a healthy urinary tract. More...

Dear Doc Kate 5

As always, the lovely Dr Kate is in the house ready and waiting to answer all your medical concerns. This month she discusses the problem of over-produced prostaglandins and the dreaded period pain! More...

Dear Doc Kate 4

After another short stint overseas our resident G.P. Dr Kate is back in town and is ready and waiting to answer and advise all your medical concerns. So if you have a question for the lovely Doc, make sure you send it in! More...

Dear Doc Kate 3

In the last two years I find my breasts are getting softer even during sex. Are there any excercise or nutrients for firming breasts and also enhancing the size? More...

Dear Doc Kate 2

I have been in a stable relationship for several years and want to move away from using condoms as protection. I am 25 and I smoke. I am not interested in conceiving for at least 3-4 years and do not want to use the diaphragm or IUD. I have recently started taking the pill but am paranoid due to the fact that I smoke - are there any other better alternatives? More...

Dear Doc Kate 1

Recently I noticed that I have a lump on my vagina. I am not sure what it is but sometimes it hurts. I am really embarrassed and don't want to have sex with my boyfriend because I don't want him to see it. More...

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