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We need Freelance Writers

Start writing now and get published.

Be read and get your writing recognised.

Do you have a passion for Writing?

Would you like to get published and build a name for yourself as a journalist, interviewer, stringer, freelance or copy writer?

Are you a freelance writer or blogger looking into paid writing opportunities?

We can help you as a freelance writer to get started. & are a great platform to gain experience and build a career as a writer, journalist, interviewer or blogger.

We can include links to your own site, and help you be exposed to companies looking for new talent. Submit articles to

* No articles of advertising nature will be published.
** There is no payment for published freelance articles.
*** Please include any conditions of use for article/interview submissions.


Entertainment Interviewers

Are you interested in the Films and already have access to Entertainment Junket Roundtables, but would like to increase your publisher list to secure more places at junkets.

We are currently looking for more Entertainment Interview contributors.

Please contact:



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