Georg Jensen Autumn Collection

Georg Jensen Autumn Collection

Alliance by Georg Jensen
Alliance is a playful, contemporary collection whose feather-light designs hold plenty of ingenuity.

Rethink the possible. With its sculptural character, Alliance is designed to float around its wearer, embracing and enveloping the body. The feeling and fit are so perfectly flexible, as if the pieces are designed with you in mind. Each cutting-edge form is woven from a single, lightweight strand of sterling silver.

Timeless yet playful, Alliance reminds us that we should always focus on possibilities rather than limitations. Who would have thought such complexity was waiting within a single cord of silver?

Designer Allan Scharff had the vision to turn a simple form into something infinitely more intriguing. Alliance is a distinctive addition to any jewellery collection and a true example of the power of imagination.

The Alliance Collection is handcrafted in sterling silver and carries a true iconic neck ring, two bangles, two rings and three different sizes of ear pieces which you can wear without having your ears pierced. They fit like a hand in a glow, to the natural shape of your ear - and stay there.

Alliance will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at from February 2011.

Alliance neckring $825
Alliance earrings large $325 small $225
Alliance bangle $750
Rings $300 - $425

Cascade by Georg Jensen
Cascade is inspired by the Nordic springtime andjust as pure. A natural embrace, like spring's first thaw. Cascade captures the joy of a glistening spring day in the Scandinavian countryside and immortalises those fleeting first moments of sunshine in exquisite diamonds and white gold.

Understated and elegant, Cascade shapes are based on the re-emergence of mountain streams in the midst of snow and ice. Diamonds are clustered together like droplets, arranged in groups of three to represent the past, present and future. The brilliance of the diamonds evokes the way the sun's rays cast a sparkling reflection over the Nordic landscape. Like the evolving landscape that inspired it, Cascade is fluid and supple, designed to embrace the body as well as adorn it. By highlighting the natural lines of the décolletage, neck or wrist, Cascade complements the wearer's intrinsic beauty.

The Cascade Collection star piece is a stunning white gold neck ring with nine diamonds in total 0.77 ct. The Cascade Collection also carries amazing bangles, pendants and a magnificent new ring and ear pieces ring.

All crafted in white gold with handset diamonds. The new CASCADE styles will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at from March 2011.

Cascade neckring $12,860
Cascade earrings $8,300
Cascade ring $2,600 - $5,100

Dew Drop by Georg Jensen
Simple design at its most vibrant because coloured gemstones are best appreciated without too much embellishment. This is the design philosophy behind Dew Drop.

The classic yet contemporary design of this collection allows the beauty of the stones to speak for themselves. And thanks to straightforward styles the natural gemstones are given space to leave a lasting impression. Since ancient times, people have attributed certain characteristics to each type of stone, which are transferred to the wearer. Black agate symbolizes courage, calmness and longevity; rose quartz is the stone of love; chalcedony provides health and safety; prasiolite prosperity; and amethyst sincerity, security and peace of mind.

Set in silver, the stones remind us that vibrant materials are at the heart of timeless design. Feminine yet striking, Dew Drop never has to shout to be heard - a quality that is the very essence of elegance.

The Dew Drop Collection is one of Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe's most distinct designs and carries pendants, ear pieces and rings all handcrafted in sterling silver set with either prasiol, blue chalcedon, rose quartz, black agate or amethyst.

The new Dew Drop styles will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at March 2011.

All rings $375 except amethyst $425
Earrings Black Agate $275
Pendant Black Agate $275

Magic by Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen unveils new designs for the Magic Collection. Magic takes its cues from you. Its innovative shapes adapt to your look, whether it's dressed up or more casual.

Perhaps this is the Magic quality the collection's name refers to - or else that the pieces are classic without sacrificing modern sensibility. Probably a bit of both. In any case, all the styles display the easy feel of natural elegance.

Magic uses intriguing designs to turn the world's finest materials - including diamonds, 18-carat yellow and white gold, and now pearls - into jewellery that you'll reach for day after day. The Magic Pearl Collection features a playful puzzle link and the feminine pearls endow the collection with their one-of-a-kind innocence and purity. Integrating the sophistication of diamonds with the ingénue-like appeal of pearls, Magic is as multi-faceted as its name implies.

The Magic Collection is designed by Regitze Overgaard and carries sautoirs, bracelets, pendants, ear hooks and ear pieces - all handcrafted in 18 ct. yellow gold and all set with diamonds and pearls.

The new Magic styles will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at from March 2011.

Earrings $2,075
Pendant $1,025
Sautoire $3,950
Bracelet $1,475

Moonlight Grapes by Georg Jensen
Can history and innovation coexist? At Georg Jensen, the answer is yes. The Grape Collection proves how the past inspires the future. Starting with an original Georg Jensen design from the early 1900's, Georg Jensen Design Studio created a collection that gives the iconic grape motif a modern twist.

True to the original form yet contemporary, Moonlight Grapes proves that strong character is always "in." That it seems of-the-moment is a testament to the timelessness of good ideas and captivating materials.

The pieces are lush, three-dimensional and eye-catching. Voluptuous cocktail rings, earrings, brooches, pendants and a chunky, linked necklace represent both the original pieces designed by the master himself as well as the classics of the future.

The Grape Collection is handcrafted either in sterling silver or in sterling silver with black agate. The pieces are as natural a combination today as they were over a hundred years ago. Authentically vintage, totally contemporary.

Moonlight Grapes will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at February 2011.

Grape Sterling Silver small $475, large $625
Grape Sterling Silver and Black Agate small $595, large $750
Grape pendant Sterling Silver $425
Grape pendant Sterling Silver and Black Agate $475

About Georg Jensen: Founded in Denmark in 1904, Georg Jensen now has over 100 stores in 12 countries. Originating as a silver smithy which created exclusive silver hollowware and jewellery, Georg Jensen now applies its unique design, superior craftsmanship and outstanding quality to a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery, watches, cutlery, hollowware as well as design items for the home and office. Its pure, elegant, Scandinavian design style is favoured by millions around the world and is considered one of Denmark's most recognised brands.


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