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Goals Equal Success

People who write out clearly defined goals and objectives are more successful than those who do not have a defined life plan; however, less than 3% of the population has a complete goals program. The Yale University class of '53 conducted a famous goal-setting study, where the 400 graduating students were asked to write down their lifelong plan or goal. Of the 400 people in the class, only 12 actually wrote down their lifelong plan in a specific manner.

Twenty years later, the class had a reunion. The group that had written down their goals seemed happier overall than the rest of the class. The fact that the 12 goal setters had a combined worth in excess of the rest of the group may have contributed to their happiness.

Truestar have a Goals Program that gives you the opportunity to start fresh, to think about and write down your goals and to create your ideal life. Everyone is born a diamond in the rough: pure unrealized potential. And just as diamonds are formed from the right amount of pressure, your goals program will help apply just the right amount of pressure to bring out your best. Your Truestar Goals Program is balanced to cover all areas in your life, not just your financial and material objectives

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