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H2COCO Pure Coconut Water

H2COCO Pure Coconut Water

H2COCO, Pure Coconut Water is one of the fastest growing Coconut Waters in Australia! Coconut Water increases metabolic rate.
Kyle Sandilands and Lara Bingle have signed on as Brand Ambassadors for 2012 and will be using their unique profiles to grow the brand further.
Coconut Water is 100% Fat Free, has 0% Added Sugar, 15x more potassium than a sports drink or a whole banana and contains 5 Essential Electrolytes.

If you use H2COCO as a hangover cure, to rehydrate after a long plane flight or to replace electrolytes after a hard work out at the gym you can be assured your doing your body a favour!

H2COCO is now available at Boost Juice Bars and City Convenience Stores.



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