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How Modern Discreet Hearing Aids Assist the Hearing Impaired

How Modern Discreet Hearing Aids Assist the Hearing Impaired

If you experience hearing issues or your hearing is getting worse, a modern invisible hearing aid could be the answer. Hearing aids are a popular and effective solution for hearing loss and due to recent technological developments, they have become so small that no-one will be able to see you are wearing one. These can help you in busy social and work environments, as well as improving your hearing while watching TV, using the phone or listening to the radio – and thanks to their small size, you can keep it a secret between you and your hearing aid if you like.

How do hearing aids work?
Hearing aids are small electronic devices that work by amplifying certain sounds, so the wearer can hear more clearly. Hearing aids can make the right noises, such as speech, appear louder while drowning out distracting background noise. They are worn either behind the ear or inside it, and usually have three parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker (as well as a battery). Sounds are picked up by the microphone(s), converted to electrical waves and then passed through to the amplifier which boosts them. The amplified sounds are then sent into the ear via the speaker.

Increased technology means smaller hearing aids
There have been incredible advances in technology over the last few years which means that modern hearing aids can be almost 100% invisible to other people. There are a few types of 'Invisible" hearing aids. ITE (In the Ear) devices sit in the outer ear canal of the ear. These need to be removed daily and generally have a battery life of between 3 and 7 days. Even less visible are IIC (Invisible In Canal) devices which sit deep within the ear canal and are virtually invisible to others. There is also the unique Lyric hearing aids which are left in place for up to 3 months and stay in place while sleeping or exercising and even in the shower.

Get Wi-Fi connections
As well as helping you to hear people around you more clearly, modern digital hearing aids can be configured to communicate with other electronic devices that you use on a regular basis through the use of Bluetooth technology. Using a range of accessories, you can connect your hearing aids to things like your television, radio, MP3 player or mobile phone. You can also get wireless remote controls to adjust things like volume settings which can be useful especially if you find the buttons on your hearing aids a bit fiddly.

Who can wear 'invisible" hearing aids?
At the moment, invisible hearing aids are mainly recommended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The reason this is so is due to battery and amplification power. As the unit is so tiny it can only house a small battery, it is unfortunately only helpful to people with low-frequency hearing loss up to 65dB and high-frequency hearing loss up to 90dB. As technology improves, these hidden devices will be able to assist patients with more severe levels of hearing loss.

Can hearing aids help people with tinnitus?
Hearing aids are not a 'cure" for tinnitus, but they can help. Tinnitus, or noises in the ears, is most commonly accompanied by some degree of hearing loss. Even if you are not experiencing significant communication difficulties, you may have some hearing loss that you are unaware of. Even a mild hearing loss can lead to tinnitus in the ear. The sounds you hear when wearing a hearing aid will stimulate the hearing nerve and the brain again, which for many people results in a decline in the level or severity of their tinnitus. Most hearing aid brands also have tinnitus management programs which play a sort of white noise to help mask the tinnitus.

For more information on 'invisible" hearing aids and expert advice on hearing loss and hearing solutions, contact the team at Hearing Choices. Your consultation will be completely free and without obligation, and in no time you could be on the way to improving the way you hear – and your overall quality of life.


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