Hunt Angels

Rupe and Alma were partners in crime... the crime of making movies.

Starring: Ben Mendelsohn, Victoria Hill & Eloise Oxer
Written and Directed by Alec Morgan
Produced by Sue Maslin
Rating: M
Running Time: 82 minutesIn Cinemas 30 November
Some tales are more fascinating than fiction and none more so than that of Rupert Kathner and Alma Brooks who in 1930’s Australia commenced a movie-making spree that took on the Hollywood barons, a Police Commissioner and the cultural cringe, all in their passionate pursuit to make Australian films.

Roguishly charming and resourceful, Kathner and Alma spent their lives evading police, creditors and responsibility with the sole dream of making movies. Combining never before seen archival footage and state of the art digital composite techniques, HUNT ANGELS is the vibrant true story of two mavericks who made an indelible, but until now, overlooked, impact on Australian cinema.


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