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Goddess Awakening

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Empowering & Honouring your female self.

This CD is a journey of powerful self-healing and self-realisation formulated to empower every woman on all levels. Rediscover the Goddess who dwells deep within.

Tania Cotterell, ND is a talented and gifted Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Homoeopath, Naturopath and Flower Essence Practitioner who has an Undergraduate Bachelor of Hypnosis and an Advanced Diploma of Hypnosis from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Specialising in emotional and spiritual causation of disease, Tania consults with clients from her busy clinic in Perth, Western Australia.

As a naturopath I have been privileged to help many people. As a vibrational therapist I understand frequency and the resonance of nature and disease and the subtle interplay that weaves through our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This recording is a personal journey to your inner female self. It is a spiritual journey of remembering and honouring your inner self. But it is courage and love that sets us free, these qualities are the embodiment of a woman's soul. This CD is a path to both.

There are two aspects of human nature, a lower and higher nature. Many fairy tales are concerned with these two aspects, the material and the spiritual. In the more advanced stories, lower nature was transmuted by the light or the solar or by a creative force. Myths and fairy tales are designed to teach how the solar force can be stimulated and directed outwards in the form of light and spiritual power to help yourself and others.

The rainbow is symbolic of the charkas, (emotional centers that are inter related to glands and organs of the body), and to the seven rays.

Every good fairy tale had an initiation to overcome and life is no different. The soul battles its enemies - the lower nature. Overcome and purified, the soul is then ready for complete union with the higher self. The beautiful princess - the higher self is injured by worldliness, sometimes she lies sleeping waiting for the face of Eros to waken her. This CD will initiate and heal the wounding of the beautiful princess in you. I call her the Goddess self. Your sexuality is the powerful energy that resides inside you and radiates from you. Open your heart and raise your sexual energies. It will facilitate your intuition and your healing abilities but most of all it will attract more beauty into your life. My wish is to bring your happiness, to the gift, which is your life.

Chakras (energy centres) correlate to the glands of the body and affect glandular secretion. Thoughts activate the emotional bodies of different charkas and this can stimulate, suppress or cause the production of different hormones.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Related to each chakra are the physical dimensions which the chakra control. Earth is the crudest and ether the sublest. These degrees show the in the physical functioning of the body. Form elimination - earth chakra to vocal expression, the ether chakra that exerts its expression upon our thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Unit cost: $31.00

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