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Improv Theatre, Storytelling and Business - an unlikely but potent mix

Improv theatre and business are not usually talked about in the same breath – let alone combined to provide us with ways to manage stress, respond to change, be truly innovative and perform even in the midst of ongoing uncertainty.

Anecdote, an Australian leader in using story for learning and change in organizations, is bringing Izzy Gesell, a highly respected North American group facilitator, author and improv in business expert to Australia in November for a series of workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

"There’s a quiet revolution happening in organizations across the globe," said Andrew Rixon, Anecdote Director and co-facilitator of the Change Your Story - Change Your World program.

"This revolution is the rediscovery of storytelling, legitimising what humans do naturally as a useful, even necessary, part of work and business."

"But many of us need to relearn the art of storytelling - not the porky-pie type stories - but the stories that help reveal who we are, what we think - dare I suggest, what our values are."

"This is what the Change Your Story - Change Your World program aims to do," said Izzy Gesell. "Help us all rediscover the art of storytelling, and enable us to take a different view of the world we live and work in. With the world getting more complex, people and organizations are facing the same challenges - dealing with uncertainty, navigating change, and being comfortable with not knowing! We believe that Improv Theatre and Storytelling are two important trends that can help people and organisations face these challenges," said Izzy.

"Izzy Gesell was one of the first to bring the concepts of Improv Theatre to business - with extraordinary results," said Andrew, "and we’re pleased that Australia will soon reap the benefit of his expertise."

Tour dates for the Change Your Story - Change Your World Program are November 21 - 27 in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


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