Australian Natural Mineral Cosmetics Company Takes Off

Inika cosmetics is taking the world by storm, selling its all natural mineral cosmetics to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States via its website, through beauty salons and shops.

Inika natural mineral cosmetics is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneurs Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams and is the hottest newcomer in the field of Australian cosmetics.

Inika Cosmetics are world leaders in the field of advanced mineral cosmetics. They are proudly Australian owned and all their cosmetics are made of Australia, literally from the very rocks that form our land.

"We capture Mother Nature's richest and most flamboyant hues with makeup that is natural but sexy, with vibrant colours and versatile products," Miranda said. "Our goal with Inika is to introduce the world to a new era in cosmetics, one where you don't have to compromise colour or performance to be kind to your skin and gentle to the earth."

Mineral cosmetics were originally used to colour traditional makeup. It was then discovered that these loose mineral powders could actually be used as makeup in their own right.

"Because the pigments are mineral based, they are inert, which means they cause almost no allergic reactions," Jenni said.

Many women who have never been able to wear make up before due to allergic reactions or sensitive skin are fine using Inika. To better serve sensitive or allergic customers Inika have provided small sample packs available for purchase from the Inika website to test if the products are suitable before buying a pot, what's more Inika then reimburse the money spent on the sample foundations.

"We are particularly proud of the fact that every single customer who has ordered a sample from the website has come back to purchase products," Miranda said.

"Also, due to our dense pigments, you can completely hide skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, redness or scarring and your skin can still breathe. Many women who have severe redness are amazed at the coverage. Our foundations also have a built in natural sunscreen to protect the skin."

Natural mineral makeup and cosmetics for rosacea

Kate's rosacea is easily covered in one application of Inika foundation, which is a natural mineral cosmetic makeup for rosacea.

"All our products are 100 percent pure and natural, free of chemicals and made of Australia. Because they are made from such pure ingredients they don’t irritate the skin and clog pores," she said. "Many people tell us that they don't feel like they are wearing make up when they are wearing Inika."

"Mineral cosmetics are the only cosmetics recommended following any sort of facial cosmetic surgery, laser procedure or chemical peel, they are recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and leading beauticians," Jenni said.

Vegan Makeup and Vegan Cosmetics

"We guarantee never to use potentially harmful chemicals, fillers or talc. All our cosmetics are certified Vegan and certified cruelty free." We believe that certified vegan cosmetics, vegan makeup and vegan cosmetic products are essential.

Inika is rapidly becoming the cult Australian cosmetic brand with stores in London and the United States launching with the full Inika range.

"Our success is due in part to the thousands of women out there who want natural pure products but also want sexy, great colours and products that really perform." Miranda said.
"One of our hottest features for younger customers is that our Eye Liners work synergistically with our Eye-Shadows to change their pigment and create a metallic iridescent sheen. It means that you can achieve 3 different looks and shades with just one Eye-Liner and Eye-Shadow."

You can also mix Inika Eye-Shadow powders with a little water to create a crème shadow for added luster and depth and great stay-ability.

Check out the Inika website to see their full range of natural mineral cosmetics


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