Kiss Guide To Astrology

Become an expert overnight and an obsessive in just a week with a KISS GUIDE. In the coming months will feature various KISS GUIDES. Look out next month for the 'Guide to managing your career'.

These guides are set to be the most fun, humorous and popular reference series on the market, without the'dumbing down' tone of similar manuals. From beginner to expert level, these guides take you by the hand like a friend - a more relaxed approach to reference than you have seen before from DK. These fantastic reference guides are written especially for the Australian market, making it easier to understand and more localized.


This guide takes you from the basics 'Does Astrology work'? To what can Astrology do, in chapter one. To delving deeply into the various personality traits every star in the zodiac features. Here's a taste from Chapter 8 - Simply dazzling The Fire signs, which covers Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius - respectively ruled by assertive and dynamic Mars, the regal ego-centred Sun, and Grand and extravagant Jupiter - are the most energetic and enthusiastic of the Zodiac signs. These signs make for people with a powerful, natural magnetism and an almost insatiable zest for life. They thrive on work, action, innovation, and challenge and they are often found among the great leaders, explorers, athletes and artists of the world.

To find out all about your Zodiac personality and everything you ever needed to know about Astrology, enter to win your own copy of the KISS GUIDE to Astrology.




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