How do I get to know my guardian angel?

To prepare yourself for learning your Guardian Angel's name, you need to find a time and place where you can have peace and quiet. Perhaps put on a tape or CD which has a nice and relaxing, restful rhythm to it as it plays quietly in the background. Light a candle if you wish and calm yourself down by tensing all the muscles from head to toe, letting them relax completely. While breathing out all negative thoughts and feelings.

Become aware of yourself and your breathing and again as you exhale repeat your own name a few times and ask only for good and the best. When you have done this, change from repeating your own name and begin to ask "what is my guide's (guardian angel's) name?" Now completely relax, be quiet and listen. You probably will not hear anything audible, but if you can, stay relaxed as you may begin to sense one name or more running through your mind. If it is more than one name, ask them to be more specific and you will find that one name will become stronger - this will be your angel's (guide's) name.

Remember that you are always in control and that your angel will only work with you when you ask. They have no desire to control you and will always and only want to help and care about you with the purest of love and understanding.

** At any time you wish, you can ask them to leave and they will. **

Once you have become comfortable with your angel you can start conversing with them, asking them anything (no holds barred) and tell them of your fears, worries, desires and aspirations. They will always listen to you with the greatest of patience, love and understanding....furthermore, they don't tell anyone else. You can even offload all your anger on to them and they will be delighted to gather it from you and dispose of it for you.

If you find you have not received an answer to a question, just be patient because more than likely it will come when the time is appropriate. I will explore further in to the wonders of guides (guardian angels) when we next meet.

May you find your guardian angel, good luck! Try to love all things and peace be with you.........

- Mal Palmer

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