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Linlee Allen started her career in Adelaide taking photographs and writing reviews of parties for street magazines. Upon turning 20, she headed to New York City to embark upon a three-month journey across America. After purchasing a laptop computer, she intended to finance an extended stay overseas by writing travel articles for magazines in the U.S and Canada. With her writing style deemed "too expressive" by a host of titles, she then set about writing for various websites, one of which, took a liking to her work and offered her a position in their Paris-based office to launch a fashion-based daily news service. After three years at the helm of the website, and after having established a successful following for the site, she departed Paris in lieu of Sydney, Australia. Immediately she began writing for Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Oyster and The Australian's Fashion Extra supplement (with Marion Hume). She also re-joined forces with her Parisian counterparts by conceiving another fashion news service for a web site, this time around for's sister site, Having established an acclaimed reputation for herself in cyberspace due to her vibrant writing style and witty perceptions, in 2000 she was granted the opportunity to start with MAFW Founder Simon Lock. Today, two and a half years later, she remains the website's Online Editor, in addition to being a researcher and an on-air presenter of its own television program, Stylebyte TV which screens on the arena channel (Foxtel).

Linlee Allen

Online Editor,
Researcher/Presenter – Stylebyte TV

Stylebyte – a member of The Lock Group



Where did you grow up?

What was your first job?
Party reviewer/paparazzi photographer for a local street magazine.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to either study art history and work in an art gallery or write about fashion for magazines.

How did you get to where you are now?
I travelled overseas for a holiday when I was 20, bought a laptop computer in New York in order to finance more time abroad, started writing travel articles and selling them to websites on the internet. One website in particular liked my writing style (deemed "too expressive" by magazines), and offered me a job in Paris as a daily news editor. I wanted to see Paris anyway so I headed to France. I thought I'd stay a few weeks and ended up living there for over 3 years. Without that experience overseas establishing a following from my daily news columns for and , I wouldn't have been offered the opportunity to start

What qualifications/experiences are required to perform your job?
A definite sense of resilience when dealing with fashion folk, a sense of humour, a tonne of passion, the ability to spot trends and translate them into fun-to-read, interesting text, and a succinct, experienced perception and understanding of fashion.

How many hours a week do you work?
It varies depending on other freelance commitments or whether its a week we're deploying Stylefile ('s fortnightly newsletter) or whether we're filming for Stylebyte TV.

Where would you like to be in ten years?
I'd ultimately like to be based between two cities (Sydney and Paris) directing a fashion-oriented publication and its sister website.

What advice would you give to somebody embarking on their first business or aspiring to achieve extraordinary career goals?
Go for gold. Absolutely anything is possible if you put your mind to it, work hard and exercise discipline.

What do you class as your biggest career achievement?
Earlier this year I published my own magazine called 'Alrighty' and that was a major goal which I felt I accomplished really well. Also, I'd have to say lasting as long as I have in Sydney has been an achievement. I have found working in the fashion industry in Sydney a pretty tough call, perhaps because I'm not from here originally but I believe that a city such as this can chew you up and spit you out if you allow it to. Life can be tough here and it pays to be strong.

What is the best piece of advice anybody has given you?
I don't know about it being given to me but I'd say a quote I stumbled upon by a great woman named Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." My Mum and Dad have always pretty much preached stuff like this to me and given me a confidence to stand up for what I believe in.

Fast Facts

Who living or dead would you most like to invite to dinner?
Italian film director Federico Fellini and his wife Giulieta Masina because I adore what they accomplished together whilst they were alive. And my grandpa too (who I can't remember so well because he died when I was younger), but I just know he'd be a great conversationalist.

Name a movie that actually inspired you?
"Le Notti de Cabiria" (Nights of Cabiria) by Federico Fellini.

Your favourite toy as a child?
Not so much a toy, but my dog called "Cuddles."

What are you reading at the moment?
A biography on the life of French writer, Colette.

Is there a talent/attribute you wish you had/ had more of?
No, because I believe if you work hard enough and are disciplined enough in life you can achieve anything you want so wishing isn't often an option with the way I look at things. If I want something badly enough I'll set my sights on it and attain it.

Which song transports you to another place when you hear it and why?
Anything by Nino Rota (an Italian composer) or by N.E.R.D (U.S hip-hop producers) or by Kelis (one of my all-time idols and a legend when it comes to dressing and singing!)

Your favourite place in the world, and why?
I'd have to say Paris I think because it moulded who I am and the way I perceive things today in so many ways.

What is your idea of the perfect Day?
Wake at 6.30am, walk in Centennial Park, see my sister, brekkie with girlfriends near Bronte or Bondi, a French conversation class, writing some articles, reading some articles, hang out in the sun with mates, maybe see a movie. Laughing and learning are my two favourite things.

Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life (important to you)
Languages, a sense of humour, organic food, French and Italian cinema, love with friends and family.

Are there other related careers to your chosen career:
There are so many; from IT positions involved with producing to other jobs which contribute to producing Stylebyte TV. The list goes on...

- Michelle Palmer


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