Looking For Mr Right


Looking For Mr Right - the new book by Bradley Trevor Greive, author of the best selling Australian book for 2000.

Bradley Trevor Greive understands (really he does!) the very essence of woman's age-old quest for her soul mate, the endlessly frustrating search for Mr Right. Women from all walks of life ask, 'why is a good man so hard to find?' Looking for Mr Right has the raw objectivity, brutal honesty and deep insight into the male psyche (after all, the author is the enemy!) to provide a credible answer: 'Hey, maybe there aren't any!'

Deeply politically incorrect and featuring the inspired combination of hilarious yet comforting text and quirky animal and retro shots, this book will become the bible for anyone who's ever engaged in the search for true love - and anyone in need of a few good laughs along the way (and that means everyone)!

For anyone who's ever had a first date, a last kiss goodbye, a fast and furious fling, or a long and loving partnership, "Looking for Mr Right" will touch a chord and tweak the funnybone as Greive takes readers on a side-splitting and poignant search for true love.

One could almost imagine David Attenborough narrating this book...."the universal search for this most elusive creature - both fearful of, and enamoured with the opposite sex, a creature that stakes its territory around the natural habitat of television remote controls - it is none other than.....Mr Right".

About the Author

Bradley Trevor Greive was born in Tasmania and lived in Scotland, England, Wales, Singapore and Hong Kong in his early years before returning to settle in Sydney. He dabbled briefly in advertising before he eventually found his calling as a writer, artist and cartoonist.

These days, Greive's works in progress include a number of books, greeting cards, wrapping paper, furniture, children's plush toys, games, film scripts and more!

Greive's is the author of "The Blue Day Book", "The Blue Day Calendar", "The Blue Day Journal", "Dear Mum" and "Looking for Mr Right". He currently resides in Sydney with his rabbit Biff.




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