Paco León Kiki, Love to Love

Paco León Kiki, Love to Love

Cast: Natalia de Molina, Álex García, Jacobo Sánchez
Director: Paco León
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 102 minutes

Synopsis: The #1 smash hit of the 2017 Spanish Film Festival, where it premiered as the Opening Night Gala to riotous audience reactions, Paco Leon's vibrant new comedy, Kiki, Love to Love follows a collection of lovers through a series of intertwined stories, delivering an outrageously provactive take on what can happen behind closed doors.

Kiki, Love to Love
Release Date: July 27th, 2017


Director's Note

This, my third film, presents the challenge of taking on a project where I am not a producer or creator of the idea, but in which I have been given the freedom and confidence to interpret a concept my way. My motivation is still to have fun working with many actors and actresses that I admire and to continue investigating and learning throughout this new cinematic adventure. Kiki, Love To Love is a comedy where sex is treated in an original, unprejudiced, fun and romantic way, because I firmly believe that sex is still the best way to make love.
- Paco León

About The Director: Paco León

Paco León began his career as an actor in 1999, alternating between small roles in plays and television series. He began to gain notoriety in 2003 with the television series Homo Zapping, receiving several awards recognising his talent for interpretation. But the role that catapulted him to fame was that of -Luisma' in the series Aída (2005-2014) where he played the brother of the protagonist, and for which he received a Waves award, three Silver Frames, an award from the Actors Union, two TP de Oro awards, and three awards from the Academia de la TV.

During his years on Aída León also took on various cinema and theatre roles, and in 2012 he directed his first feature film Carmina or Blow Up, a dramatic comedy starring his sister and mother, which was awarded the prize for Best film at the Malaga Film Festival and three at Goya Award nominations. In 2014, he directed the sequel Carmina and Amen, which won the award for Best Screenplay at the Malaga Film Festival, and Best Film at the Montecarlo, Toulouse, and Nantes Festivals, as well as being nominated for Best Comedy at the European Film Academy Awards.

Kiki, Love To Love, an adaptation of Josh Lawson's 2014 comedy The Little Death, is his latest film which, in addition to directing and acting, he is also credited with adapting the screenplay.

Five Stories Of Love

Natalia and Álex
Natalia de Molina and Álex García

Young, beautiful and modern, Natalia and Álex are a couple in love, but she is concealing a somewhat strange sexual taste, inherited and shared with several members of her family. When Natalia discovers she has a new predilection, harpaxophilia (arousal by robbery), and reveals this to Álex, he takes it as a challenge and uses this new information to satisfy her desires in new outrageous ways.

Paco and Ana and Belen
Paco Léon, Ana Katz and Belén Cuesta

Paco and Ana are a long-time couple from Lavapiés with a daughter, who are looking for new ways to excite passion. Amid their search and experimentation, Paco's old friend Belén suddenly appears. Sexually adventurous but disenchanted by recent relationships, Belen's presence begins to unleash desires the couple never knew they had.

Maria and Antonio
Candela Peña and Luis Callajo

Childless couple María and Antonio are trying to conceive, without much luck. So when their doctor suggests that reaching orgasm will assist them in getting pregnant and María discovers she is affected by a new form of arousal – dacryphilia, arousal by tears – her own happiness becomes wrapped up in the emotional anguish of her husband.

Jose Luis and Paloma
Luis Bermejo and Mari Paz Sayago

Jose Luis, a plastic surgeon, lives with his demanding wheelchair-bound wife Paloma, and their Filipino maid Loreley, in a luxurious Madrid villa. After accidentally sedating his wife, Jose Luis discovers a tendency towards somnophilia. Night after night he continues the routine, having found a new lease on marital life. There is only one drawback: he will have to earn the complicity of the housekeeper.

Sandra And Rubén
Alexandra Jiménez and David Mora

Sandra is a special and somewhat neurotic girl: she lives with a giant iguana, is lactose intolerant, and has a hearing impairment. But that does not prevent her from looking for love, and outlets for her obsession with the feel of certain fabrics (eliphilia). Finding the love of her life won't be easy, but an offbeat request by a client, to the call centre for the hearing-impaired where she works as an operator, just might change everything.

Kiki, Love to Love
Release Date: July 27th, 2017


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