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Welcome to Femail.com.au's Rant & Rave. This section is dedicated to getting things off your chest! Here at Femail we often receive from our readers their thoughts on many different topics for no particular reason, so after asking many people, we have decided to give you the opportunity to send in your Rants!

It may be just a reply to someone else's rant or it may be something that is getting your goat - it doesn't matter - send it in and we'll publish them!
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Has the feminist movement gone too far?

Certain institutes still won’t let women vote, but men can’t title a lunch 'Men’s Lunch' but females can use ‘Women’s Lunch,’ has the feminist movement gone too far? Or are we stuck between two extremely harsh extremes? More...

Rant & Rave 4

I'm sick of it, the way men stereotype women to be these bitchy good for one things race of alien like things, which they have no respect for." More...

Rant & Rave 3

What is with customer service today?! Every time I walk up to a counter at a store I either get ignored or grunted at! More...

Rant & Rave 2

What gets me is where there are children in relationships and/or marriages how come the mother has to ASK the father to look after the kids while she goes shopping, bill paying, appointments etc..... But when the father wants to go somewhere he just ....well, goes! More...

Rant & Rave 1

I am annoyed at fathers who think that looking after their child for 1 hour each day deserves a medal. They think it is their right to sleep in as they are sleep deprived!!! What about the poor mothers More...

If I Was Queen for Just One Day

I can't understand why department stores bother to line their changing room cubicles with mirrors providing the delightful insight into what the back of your bottom really looks like? Why changing room cubicles are lit with exquisite fluorescent lighting, which highlight every chocolate éclair that has passed ones lips and promptly made its home on ones hips? More...

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