Revlon Lashes

Revlon Lashes

Revlon has been exciting customers since 1932 and introduces four fabulous new products to their already best selling lash ranges. Revlon lashes are not only easy to use but are the perfect way to get fantastic eyelashes instantly. Available in two ranges; Fantasy Lengths and Beyond Natural, there is a style and lash look to suit everyone.

REVLON® FANTASY LENGTHS™ DRAMATIC 3X VOLUME LASHESGlamourise eyes with Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes. The ultra lightweight, Revlon® Fantasy Lengths™ Dramatic 3X Volume Lashes are naturally defi ning creating sexy, full lashes. With an easy to apply self adhesive strip, these versatile lashes add instant defi nition to any look. RRP $9.99

Revlon® Beyond Natural™ Defining Double Pack
Enhance your look! Get gorgeous, natural lashes effortlessly with Revlon Beyond Natural Glue On Eyelashes. Adding glam and intensity to any look, these lashes are perfect for the avid everyday lash wearer. Great value and one of the most popular Revlon lash styles = killer lashes for all.
Includes 2 pairs of professional eyelashes
To be used with Revlon® Precision Lash Adhesive
RRP $17.99

Revlon® Beyond Natural™ Individual Lashes
Customise your own look with Revlon® Beyond Natural™ Individual Lashes. Revlon® Beyond Natural™ Individual lashes help emphasise natural lashes by defining, intensifying and volumising. Lashes look realistic and are lightweight making them extremely comfortable to wear.
70 premium individual lash clusters
Available in three lengths Short, Medium and Long
To be used with Revlon® Precision Lash Adhesive
RRP $9.99

Revlon® Precision Lash Adhesive
Revlon® Precision Lash Adhesive is a lash adhesive with an ultra-thin brush to assist in mess free application for a natural looking lash finish. This clear drying, waterproof and latex-free formula ensures lashes look natural and last even longer.
RRP $9.99

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