The Royal Children's Hospital Child Safety Handbook

A guide to injury prevention for parents of 6-12 year olds

Australian Athlete, Lauren Hewitt recently launched the new Royal Children's Hospital Child Safety Handbook to prevent accidental injuries to children aged 6-12.

In 2001, there were 2,499 hospital admissions and 9,432 Emergency Department visits in Victoria from children aged 10-12.

"The Royal Children's Hospital Child Safety Handbook is a resource guide for parents of children aged 6-12. The aim of the handbook is to educate parents about how to protect their children from accidental injuries in the home, farms, school, playground, and it covers water and road safety," said Manager of the Royal Children's Hospital Safety Centre, Helen Rowan.

"We need to reduce the number of unintentional injuries to children in Australia and this handbook will show parents how to avoid accidents and injuries to children in the home and external environments," said Helen.

This handbook was developed with the Department of Education and Training, Catholic Education Office and Association of Independent Schools of Victoria and various health and safety advisory groups. The Royal Children's Child Safety Handbook will be distributed to all Grade 6 students throughout Victoria.

"Parents can obtain a free copy of the Royal Children's Child Safety Handbook by calling the Royal Children's Safety Centre on (03) 9345 5085. The cost of the handbook has been subsidised by local businesses through advertising," said Helen.

Emergency Numbers
  • Ambulance, Fire, Police (24 hours) - 000
  • Child Protection Crisis Line (24 hours) - 131 278
  • Direct Line (24 hour Drug & Alcohol counselling and referral) - Freecall 1800 888 236
  • Kids Help Line (24 hour telephone and online counselling for 5 to 18 years old) - Freecall 1800 551 800
  • Lifeline (24 hour telephone counselling and referral) - 131 114
  • Parent Line (24 hour helpline) - 132 289
  • Poisons Information Line (24 hours) - 131 126
  • Suicide Help Line (24 hour helpline) - 1300 651 251
  • Call for your FREE copy of 'Royal Children's Child Safety Handbook' on (03) 9345 5085


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