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Seraya - The Prodigal Daughter

A captivating journey through song....of lust, love, empowerment, transformation, fantasy, and of course passion.

A performer with no boundaries, Seraya's performances ooze sheer emotion carrying listeners along the journey; a soulful voice - an untamed goddess in action!

Singer/songwriter Seraya is an artist who is best left alone when it comes to pigeonholing, and probably better described as a performer whose musical style has no apparent audible boundaries. She sits as comfortably inside a belting rock number as she does within a dark moody Tori Amos-esque piece. Amongst her skilful marriage of genres, listeners are treated to a whole lot of soul, passion and fun. Seraya feels her music is very much an organic and spontaneous thing for her, without much thought for how it may fit into a particular category. However in keeping with her affinity for all things earthy, Seraya combines as many 'real' sounds in her music as humanly possible. Strings, woodwind, flute, harmonica, keys, name it, she's got it!

How she got started
Born in South Africa to musical parents and a family of six, Seraya was pre-destined for a career in the arts. She says her father tells stories of parking a truck out the front of the local town hall and playing on the back, luring kids out into the streets to dance. Some of her fondest memories are of lounge room jam sessions at home. It's no wonder she was, by the age of 5, discovered balancing on tippy toes to simultaneously reach the pedals and keypads of the family organ to try and nut out a tune. Eventually her family coaxed the shy child to make her first public performance with the promise of a brand new puppy for her bravery.

Inspiration is plentiful for Seraya, who believes, "We are influenced in one way or another by everything that we ever hear". Enjoying styles from classical through to R&R, funk, rock and pop, Seraya doesn't really pinpoint any specific artist as a favourite. For her all music is an emotional experience, and if an artist/band can achieve that, their work impacts. Some of the female songstresses Seraya has previously been compared to include Alanis Morrisette, Jewel and the late Kirsty MacColl, and Janis Joplin.

"My favourite gigs are the ones where the whole band is a tight unit and we get to feel a real connection with the audience. When we know they felt something and in turn gave something back to us". And let it be said, that Seraya delivers a powerful performance which packs plenty more than a punch!

Her success so far has included:

  • Independent release of a six track self-titled EP
  • 'I want your love' featured on Austereo's Hot 30 unsigned segment with Jackie O and Kyle.
  • MP3 artist of the month status as selected by Ian Molly Meldrum.
  • 'I want your love' held the number one position on the MP3 Charts for ten weeks running and was also chosen as a finalist in the Qld Recording Association's Annual Sunnie Awards.
  • Songs featured on Frank Grima's (Mojo Music Studio USA) music show, broadcasting to east coast radio stations.
  • 'You' finalist in the MusicOz song competition.
  • Seraya and band finalists for Brisbane's River 94.9 'Untapped' competition.
  • Has appeared in many venues across Australia and overseas, including Manchester Lane, First Floor, OneSixOne, Hardimans, Noise Bar, 303, The Healer, The Zoo, the
  • Young Australian of the Year Awards, Springfest, HOWLfest.
  • Recent tour of India for promotion for her upcoming album release and recording single for Bollywood film.

    Seraya is performing around the east coast of Australia to support the launch of her debut album "The Prodigal Daughter", in stores now.

    1. You
    2. Break Free
    3. I'm on Fire
    4. Running with Wolves
    5. Clearing the Wardrobe
    6. I don't know me anymore
    7. What would you do?
    8. I will now know
    9. Fantasy Girl
    10. Sinnamon
    11. Water to your soul


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