Sing & Spin Alphabet Zoo Ball

Sing & Spin Alphabet Zoo Ball

LeapFrog, an innovator in learning toys for children, believe that every child's development is a continuous journey that happens one spark, one discovery, one success at a time.

The new range of modern, tech, learning toys will provide that spark as kids discover and learn what's possible… from counting, shapes, colours and the alphabet, to introducing the problem-solving, creativity and social skills they will need to thrive in the tech-driven 21st Century.


Sing & Spin Alphabet Zoo Ball (suitable for 6-24 months)
Available in-store August.
Discover the alphabet from Alligator to Zebra! Little ones learn about animals and their sounds plus the letters A to Z with each spin of the wheel. Music, lights and swirling patterns encourage exploration. Babies develop motor skills by batting the wheel again and again.
RRP $34.95


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