Sirens Chopstix Evening Handbags for Mother's Day

Sirens Jewellery

Every mum needs at lest one handbag in her life for special occasions, be it brunch with friends, a celebration or just because it makes her feel beautiful. Sirens Jewellery and Accessories stokes a range of exclusive handbags that will make your mother’s day. Select from our range of 4 stunning fabrics, see the website for all of your choices.

Each bag is beautifully wrapped, along with a mother’s day card. Also included in each bag is a gold coin, to help ensure prosperity for the coming year.

With free delivery in Australia and New Zealand, what’s stopping you? At $95.00 including GST, these gorgeous bags are sure to go fast, so get in quick or risk disappointment, after all, you could always borrow the bag occasionally from your mum and use it yourself!

To ensure delivery for mothers day, all orders need to be placed by Sunday 7th May 2006. To place your order visit Sirens Jewellery and Accessories, ‘Revel in your inner girliness’.

Chopstix Evening Handbag - $95.00 AUD inc gst.

The daringly different chopstix features traditional lacquered wooden chopstick handles. Perfect for evening wear - the ‘Chopstix’ can also compliment more casual attire when you just want to add a little glam.

Max height: 18 cm
Max width: 18cm
Max depth: 7.5 cm


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