Thirty Seconds to Successful Visualization

By Alison Greiner

Visualization is a technique used by everyone whether they are conscious of it or not. As a child, dressing up as a nurse, a school teacher or a doctor was a physical way of visualizing your future. The brain doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy; what you imagine yourself to be is what you will become. When you visualize something, your brain goes to work full time to achieve what it has seen.

It worked for them, it will work for you!
Many athletes such as Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus and Wayne Gretzky use visualization to achieve success in their sports. Einstein, Napoleon and Andrew Carnegie as well as many brain surgeons and successful business people have used visualization to reach their goals.

The language of the right brain and the subconscious mind is imagery. By imagining, or visualizing your goals, you speak directly to your subconscious mind. Daily Success Habit number seven is visualization. With the techniques below be sure to visualize daily and record it on the SPTS Daily Life Improvement Checklist as you see your goals become reality!

Visualization Techniques
Using different visualization techniques each day keeps you from getting bored as each goal is supported by a different technique using different areas of your brain.

Choose a goal and apply the following six techniques, from Lee Pulos' audio program, The Power of Visualization, for only 30 seconds each. If you want to further embed your goal, repeat the exercises for another 30 seconds. Perform these exercises with enthusiasm and believe that you have already achieved your goal.

Create the ideal brain state for visualization by synergistically combining the emotional energy from your midbrain, the focus from your left brain and the playfulness from your right brain.

1. Collage Imagery: Picture a collage of different images where your goal is being achieved. If your goal is to graduate from school, picture your graduation night, your teachers shaking your hand and congratulating you and your family giving you big hugs of joy. Hold your degree in your hand and visualize your name on it. You may want to picture each snapshot for a few seconds before proceeding to the next.

2. Strobe/Flash Visualizing: See the end goal in your mind and mentally turn it on and off. See it flashing slowly and then quickly, alternating fast and slow until the image ignites in your mind.

3. Computer-Generated Imagery: Picture a blank computer screen with a small dot in the middle of the screen. Stare at the small dot and thousands of other dots will appear on the screen to create the colorful imagery and pattern of your end goal.

4. Multi Focus: Let a beam of light shoot from your forehead to six feet in front of you, illuminating your goal. Bright beams of light also shoot from your heart and your solar plexus. Allow the beams of light to blend over each other to create a 3D holograph of your goal before your eyes.

5. Whoosh!: Picture the current state of your goal and then whoosh the image of your end goal into your mind. The accomplishment of your goal is bright and you are enthusiastic and full of life. For example, picture your current car and then whoosh the image of your shiny new dream car into your mind. Whoosh back and forth between the two images six to eight times in the 30-second period.

6. In/Out: Picture yourself inside your body, looking outward at the goal. Go on to picture yourself outside of your body, watching yourself achieve the goal. Switch back and forth from being inside your body to being an observer outside of your body. This will allow your subconscious mind to determine different perspectives to begin programming.

Visualize yourself receiving your degree. Feel the thin textured paper of your desired commission check in your hand. Smell the scent of fresh spring flowers as you relax on the patio of your new vacation home. Hear the laughter of your happy and healthy children. Whatever you want to be, do, or have you can achieve through the power of visualization.


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