Susan Rep launches new Loungewear Clothing Line

Susan Rep launches new Loungewear Clothing Line

Jump into the latest summer styles with Susan Rep Loungewear. Melbourne's newest designer, Susan Rep, is proud to announce the launch of her new line. The collection is designed around women's lifestyle; the versatile outfits easily transition from day to night, and compliment a day spent relaxing around the house, or getting dolled up for a night on the town.

Each piece is carefully crafted with the finest fabrics, and designed to be breathable and comfortable. Every garment is manufactured right here in Australia, with a focus on natural fabrics and quality. The range is designed to flatter every female shape and form.

Designer Susan Rep worked in the fashion design industry for over a decade. After completing her studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Susan began her career as a grader/marker maker. During her time in the industry, she has worked with brands such as Mossimo, Osh Kosh, Scanlan & Theodore, Peter Alexander, and Anthea Crawford.

Susan Rep Loungewear was inspired by Susan's desire for nice pajamas to wear at home. Never quit finding what she wanted, and utilising inspiration by the female from as well has her experience in the demanding fashion industry, Rep set out to create something truly unique and original.

Susan Rep Loungewear is about being ever modern, classic, and beautiful with quality. Currently, Susan Rep Loungewear is only available online through
Prices range from $139 to $319.


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