Tagged by Dead Dogs - Anita Bell

Kirby's on a mission. She knows what to do. She just has to do it before someone gets there first!

Meet Kirby MacLeod, fourteen years old and a magnet for trouble. She's on a mission to to earn her independence - and a whole heap of money - before she leaves high school. She knows how, she knows where. She just has to figure out how to do it before someone else beats her to it.The Great Southern Pacific Express is one of Australia's few remaining trains to avoid tagging by graffiti artists. And it's sitting in Kirby's town that night, parked in a train stabling area. Underground magazines have placed a bounty of nearly half a million dollars on its hide for the tagger who can prove they got to it first.
Kirby thinks she has a plan that will win her the bounty and still leave the train in pristine condition. But first she has to get past the guards, the dogs, the barbed wire and the high-tech security cameras - not to mention any real graffiti vandals who might be after the bounty too.

Revealing the plot only in the last pages, this roller-coaster ride will get your heart pumping.

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