Terrorism In Australia

The Story of Operation Pendennis

This is the extraordinary story of the Australian Islamic terrorists and the people who stopped them.

From June 2004 to their arrest in November 2005, nine men in New South Wales and twelve men in Victoria were at the centre of Australia's largest and, at that time most significant counter-terrorism investigation.

These men planned to commit a devastating attack" designed to kill and maim men, women and children in this country. Australia's law enforcement, intelligence and security organisations worked together to prevent that attack ever happening. Ultimately it was the investigators' skill, together with their tenacity, grit and resolve, to stop a significant terrorist act in Australia from occurring that made the difference.

Peter Moroney was a member of the NSW Police Force for seventeen years, finishing as a detective sergeant, and his predominant experience was in the field of criminal investigations. In 2003, he joined the newly formed Counter Terrorism Coordination Command Investigations Unit (now Terrorism Investigations Squad), where he investigated suspected terrorist activity, including Australia's most significant Islamic terrorist plot.

Terrorism In Australia
New Holland Publishers Australia
Author: Peter Moroney
RRP: $29.99

Interview with Peter Moroney

Question: What inspired you to write Terrorism in Australia?

Peter Moroney: I've always been interested in terrorism, obviously. There is a lot of mystery and fear that surrounds terrorism, not only in this country but also around the world. I wanted to tell a story, from the inside, so that the lengths and depths of what men and women of law enforcement go through when they are trying to stop the mass murder of multiple Australians. I wanted to try and demystify terrorism and bring it to life in a way that we can all understand and perhaps then our fear is reduced, thus removing power of fear as a weapon from the terrorists.

Question: What do you hope Australians take from Terrorism in Australia?

Peter Moroney: That the men and women of law enforcement (and the military) are committed to their protection. Also, aiming to de-mystify terrorism so that Australian's can better understand it and therefore reduce the impact of fearing it.

Question: Can you talk us through the research you conducted prior to writing Terrorism in Australia?

Peter Moroney: I was involved in investigation terrorism for approximately ten years. My research was simply taken from my involvement in various investigations, including Pendennis. As part of my career, I completed a Masters in Investigations Management, and my thesis related to the investigation of terrorism in Australia, so there was some considerable research into the history of terrorism in Australia to complete my Masters.

Question: What advice do you have for Australians who are scared of terrorism in Australia?

Peter Moroney: Understand your fear. What is it you actually fear about terrorism? It is healthy to be alert, but not alarmed. It is about keeping things in perspective. Still, to this day I am wary of where I am. I will scan a crowd, sit so I can face the door and I am uncomfortable when there is a large gathering of people in one central area. But, I don't let it control me, I control it and manoeuvre through it.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


Terrorism In Australia
New Holland Publishers Australia
Author: Peter Moroney
RRP: $29.99



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