The Baby Doctor Explaining IVF to your child

A new picture book, The Baby Doctor, explaining IVF to your child helps parents of IVF children explain the special way they came into the world.

With 10,000 IVF babies born in Australia last year the 'birds and the bees' talk will go a little differently for many families.

The Baby Doctor tells the story of a family who are hoping to have their second IVF baby, and is told from the perspective of the big sister-to-be.

"Parents of IVF children wonder about how and when to tell their children about their own IVF story. The advice from psychologists is tell the child from day one so that it's part of the story of who they are and is very natural to them."

"The Baby Doctor makes it really easy for parents to talk about IVF with their young children. The book has a section where parents can put in their child's photo from when they were an embryo, an ultrasound scan and a photo of themselves with their own 'baby doctor'."

"The book can also be read to a big brother or sister-to-be to help explain why mummy is feeling so tired and giong to see the doctor a lot" Ms Bryan said.

The Baby Doctor, explaining IVF to your child
Nuhouse Press
ISBN: 9780980469615
RRP: $30


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